Sunday, May 14, 2006

Being a Graphic Designer in the New Media Age

The advancement of desktop publishing and the internet has changed the primary job functions of many artists, especially graphic designers. Traditionally thought of as print designers, graphic designers are now finding themselves in a career that borders on web design and multimedia artistry. While many graphic designers are welcoming new technology and embracing its accessibility, others are intent on keeping separate the traditions of hand illustrating and typesetting.

There is no doubt that New Media has allowed graphic designers to expand upon their abilities, making their jobs more exciting and less time-consuming. Different typestyles can be tested in a matter of minutes, without damage to the product itself. A client’s last minute decision to change the look or feel of their product is no longer a costly and drawn-out process. With the invention and explosion of the internet, weblogs, and community forums, graphic designers have more access than ever to inspiration and ideas for their creations.

While many graphic design careers and educational programs are morphing into "digital" or "multimedia" design, there remain many opportunities for the traditionalist. Once the concept of design elements and principles are learned, it is up to the graphic designer to decide what role, if any, technology will place in their career.























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