How to Become an Interior Designer

Becoming a Successful Interior Design Professional
by Valentine Campos

If you have recently begun a career in interior design, you should be very excited to be entering such an exciting field. You'll find that you'll earn a lucrative income but the rates of pay can vary significantly. Even an entry-level design position can provide an income that you will be proud of!

By being an assistant interior designer, you can expect to earn as much as $20 per hour with the right design firm. Once you become a certified interior designer, your income will increase to $50,000 or more. The most lucrative income is as a partner in an interior design firm where you can earn in the $100,000 and up range.

Most interior designers just entering the business will find that initially clients have to be sought out and convinced that you are the right person for the job. Don't be discouraged! There is a great deal of competition in the field but you will begin to land clients and the more references you provide, the easier contracting new clients becomes.

When the exciting time comes, you obtained a customer, don't fall into the trap of always trying to always bid the lowest. Sometimes interior design clients feel that a bid that is too low is a sign of poor work. They will comparison shop and you want to bid reasonably.

One way to win the client is to offer a good bid with the incentive that you will be glad to accept the job at slightly lower than the lowest bid they can obtain in writing. This can be the key to winning your first few clients and building your reputation.

Marketing your services is a key to obtaining clients. First, you must have business cards, a professional portfolio that contains samples of your work available. You can then offer your services through a kiosk at your local mall or find a furniture shop interesting in showcasing your services as an incentive to customers to purchase.

Also, starting your own business requires additional steps and expenses. You'll need to obtain a business number and registration so that you can conduct business. There may be other requirements as well. Look in the telephone book under Government Listing or call your local accounting firm. They will point you in the right direction and tell you what steps must be taken.

Another great marketing tool is to join the local Chamber of Commerce or other local organization that provides networking opportunities. Trade shows are another means of marketing affordably. Also, a portfolio will be valuable tool. The portfolio will also contain the files of letters of references. Having references will show that your work is professional and satisfactory. Also, you may want to include some references from your friends and family as well as your instructors from school.

With hard work and dedication, you'll find yourself in-demand and sought out by clients after a short time. Just remember in the early days that you do have a great future ahead of you. You can be a success in interior design!

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