Is An Advertising Degree Right For You?

As more and more manufacturing and service jobs move overseas, many displaced workers are taking advantage of the growth in the advertising, marketing and communication fields. U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics show that in 2004 advertising and public relations non-manager level workers made on average $633 a week. Though many jobs here in the U.S. can be outsourced to foreign nationals, it takes home grown individuals with knowledge of local customs, norms, idioms and culture to be able to market products and services to other Americans. With the Internet providing yet another outlet for advertisers and marketers, this is a job-producing industry that will continue to grow in the future.

Unlike all those disappearing jobs that require little education and with training mostly provided by the employer, jobs in advertising, marketing and communications, do require you to have at minimum an online advertising degree. If you are willing to study and learn new skills it can be worth every penny spent. According to U.S. Department of Labor statistics over 57,000 Americans were employed as advertising and communications professionals, averaging annual incomes from $46,000 for a designer to $96,000 for marketing management positions.

These jobs require a wide range of skill sets and disciplines with plenty of variety to satisfy the interests of most everyone. If you do decide to work for an advertising agency, public relations firm, or other marketing-related business, you would help provide clients with numerous services. Services include, but are in no way limited to creating print, TV and radio ads; handling direct mail pieces; establishing billboards, display ads, press materials, promotional items, plus, finding new and exciting ways to help market products and services to consumers and businesses. Specific jobs in advertising and communications range from art directors, copywriters, graphic designers, and media researchers to account representatives, computer specialists, and digital photographers. These jobs can be high energy and intense but also a lot of fun while providing a comfortable salary.

Getting on the road to a better job is a lot more simple and convenient these days. With the Internet and its interactive capabilities, opportunities are abound online that can provide you with the perfect education from the comfort of your own home. Advertising and communications are industries uniquely suited for learning over the Internet: allowing you to gather all the tools and know-how you will need to be successful in this extremely competitive industry.

If the advertising, marketing, and communications fields are where you would like to start your new quest for success, check out the many online educational opportunities that Ellis College and Cardean College offer. Such institutions will enable you to receive the education you need to take advantage of the many opportunities awaiting you in advertising, public relations, marketing and communications.

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Explore accredited advertising online degree programs below and request free no obligation information from any that interest you. We recommend getting information from several schools so you can compare the programs, costs, time commitments and financial aid options.

International Academy of Design & Technology Online

International Academy of Design & Technology Online

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and Design

The Advertising Design Program is designed to prepare students in the design, creation and implementation of advertising campaigns as well as marketing design.

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