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With a lot of self motivation and an intense familiarity with computers, you can get an art degree online from an accredited school. With advancements in computer technology, anyone that is willing to work on art studies from home can get an art degree online. Of course, all of the artwork is hands on work, just as it has always been if one were to get an art degree in a traditional setting, but once the work is done, the student shares his or her work online with peers and colleagues so that they can view the work.

There are online art degrees available that focus on graphic design too, which is a program that is increasing in popularity. Advertising design and web design are also equally popular, since the Internet has made it possible for so many businesses to establish a web presence. Art degrees online are taken by new students to art as well as adept artists who are looking to hone their artistic abilities. Art classes online also include classes pertaining to drawing, sketching, painting, printmaking, and sculpture too. Students may find that they work through web classrooms: such is the case at the Art Institute Online, and the student will often be graded on their level of web classroom participation, responses, posts, in addition to the projects they complete.

Get your online design degree and advance your career without ever leaving your home! See our online degree programs from the top art colleges.

By advancing your degree online, you can create design work that stirs an audience and spurs a response in any industry.


Earning your online design degree is easy! You will attain your degree when and where you have the time-at work, at home, it's up to you; it's all online.

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